The skeletons

There are two parts to this skill. The first part is to carefully remove the skin from the dead body with a small knife and a small copper knife. Wind In the second part, detailed samples of the original animals were studied and memorized.

First of all, the skeletons of the animals were made with telegraph cords to adjust the position of the animal according to the proportions of the animal to be treated. If there is clay or plaster on the bones, If the paper is soft; Phone It is used to create bumps on the muscles. This is done by covering the finished body with a waterproof cover. The eyes and tongue are made to look like real ones. It’s unnatural for the eyes to be glued to the skin in the days when figurines were made into shells and made into figurines.

Nowadays, skulls are painted to look like real eyes, much like the original eye. In this way, they can work on the carcasses of living animals. One of the ways in which this is being done today is to restore the carcasses of fossils that have been excavated from the ground. In addition to the above-mentioned disciplines, he specializes in geology and evolution.

Such dried fruits can be found in natural museums. Museums display landscapes similar to those of animals, as well as landscapes that highlight their habitats.