The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is the chapel of the Vatican City Apostolic Palace. It is 134 feet long and 134 feet wide. The 44-foot-wide, 68-foot-high hall has been used as a chapel since the 15th century and was originally called the Great Chapel. The Sistine Chapel was renamed during the reign of Pope Sixtus IV.

Exterior of the Sistine Chapel

Visitors to the chapel include Italian artists such as Michael Angelo; The room is filled with 15th-century masterpieces by Botticelli, Ghirlandaio and Pinturicchio. The Renaissance paintings on the walls and ceilings are breathtaking, and visitors to the chapel are breathtaking.

God placed his finger on the finger of the first man, Adam, and created a painting by Adam Angelo, which sits on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. There are 7,000 LED lights in the auditorium to give a detailed view of the artwork.
“LED lights illuminate the entire Sistine Chapel so you can see the details of each mural. Never before has the Sistine Chapel been as bright as it is now. Future visitors will be able to see the details, ”said Antonio Paolucci, director of the Vatican Museum.