The purpose

On a rainy night, Alexander was preparing to actually cross the river. The crossing was about 17 miles [15 km] from where he was stationed. The purpose is to cross the river to protect the forest from the riverbanks. At the original base, one of his generals, Krateros, was killed by a spear. A total of more than 5,000 cavalry were left behind.

As soon as Alexander realized that his army was going up the river, he realized that he was going to march with them. During this march, the Krateros were ordered to cross over and attack. Before he could cross, he left behind three spears and a cavalry. As soon as the fighting broke out, they were ordered to cross the river to fight. The distance was 17 miles, but it was a muddy journey and it was raining heavily, so it was a difficult march.

Alexander’s troops reached the destination and crossed the river. While they were crossing, they saw enemy scouts on the other side and reported to the king. After crossing the Alexander River, cavalry, led by the son of King Poros, Military train He was confronted by an army of about 1,000 men. Alexander the Great won the battle, and about 400 men were killed, along with the son of King Poros.