The person who built his own Fiber Broadband because internet service is expensive and the line is bad

When it comes to internet service, some people are willing to go out of their way to get a good deal. This is especially true if the quality of the service isn’t great where they live. For example, in rural areas, there may be no other option for getting internet service. This person decided to build their own Fiber Broadband because the price was too expensive and the line was bad.

How Andrew built his own Fiber Broadband

Andrew, a computer scientist from the United States, built his own Fiber Broadband connection because he was fed up with the high cost of internet service and the poor quality of his home’s broadband line. Andrew estimates that it cost him around $10,000 to build his own Fibre Broadband connection, but he says it was worth it because he now has access to super-fast speeds that are 100 times faster than what he was getting from his previous provider.

If you’re thinking about building your own Fibre Broadband connection, Andrew’s story is a great example of how it can be done. There are a lot of different factors to consider when building your own broadband connection, but Andrew’s experience will help you get started.

Pros and Cons of connecting to the internet through Fiber

When considering whether or not to connect to the internet, many people are faced with the dilemma of whether or not it is worth it to pay for high-speed service when they can get the same thing for free through public libraries or friends. However, there are many reasons why someone might choose to pay for high-speed internet service when they can get the same thing for free, even in areas where broadband is available. In this article, we will look at some of the pros and cons of connecting to the internet through Fiber.

Pros of connecting to the internet through Fiber:

1. High speed – Fiber offers some of the fastest internet speeds available, which means that you can download large files quickly and upload them more easily.

2. Variety – If you’re looking for a certain type of service, like cable TV or broadband, chances are that Fiber has it. You’ll be able to find just about anything you need without having to switch providers.

3. Reliability – Fiber is a more reliable form of communication than other forms, like wireless. This means that if there’s an issue with your connection, it will likely be resolved quickly and without any problems.


How Fiber has changed Andrew’s life

I’m Andrew and I live in a small town in Oklahoma. We have about 2,000 people and our internet service is terrible. We only have one internet provider and they only offer really slow speeds. I was really interested in fiber broadband when I heard about it because it sounded like it would be really fast and perfect for my town. I started looking into it and found that there was no way that I could afford to build my own Fiber Broadband.

But then I found out that the company that I currently use offers terrible speeds too! They only offer 1 Mbps download speeds which is really slow for today’s standards. So, I decided to switch companies and get fiber broadband from them. It was definitely the best decision that I ever made! My new internet service offers over 100 Mbps download speeds which is amazing! Plus, the line is so much faster than before so my entire house now works smoothly without any lag or issues. If you’re living in a small town with crappy internet service, don’t hesitate to switch to fiber broadband!


The person who built his own Fiber Broadband because internet service is expensive and the line is bad has plenty to be grateful for. Not only does he have great internet service, but he also saved a lot of money by building it himself. If you’re in the market for high-speed broadband but don’t want to spend a fortune, consider investing in fiber broadband instead of relying on cable or DSL. With fiber broadband, you’ll get speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional services, plus the installation process is usually much easier than with other types of broadband.