The independence

There were years of revolutionary battles between the British and the Irish. In 1920, Ireland was divided into Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland. The south wanted independence and the north wanted to remain under British rule. Because most of the people in the north are English. Thus, in 1921, it became Northern Ireland. The South gained independence from Ireland in 1949. But the problems did not stop. Ireland wanted to conquer Northern Ireland as well.

Violent clashes erupted between those who wanted to join and those who did not. There were several violent riots from 1960 to 1988, known as The Troubles. More than 3,000 people have been killed and more than 47,000 injured in the past 30 years. The United Kingdom sent troops to take control of Northern Ireland. In 1972, the UK Parliament decided to give full control of Northern Ireland. After decades of unrest, the Good Friday Agreement was signed and peace was restored in 1998.

In December 1999, a new government was formed, and the British handed over power to the Northern Ireland Parliament. At present, Arlene Foster, an Irish woman, is the first minister to rule the country with a constitutional monarchy and a decentralized legislature.