The Hubble

The Hubble Space Telescope is a type of space telescope that has been launched into orbit since 1990. From ancient times the telescope has been able to study objects in space from Earth with less precision. The reason is that the weather is not clear. Lights and galaxies; This is because the light from the stars tends to dim when it encounters the Earth’s atmosphere.

To solve this problem, before 1923, American astronomer Edwin Hubble proposed building a telescope in space. In 1923, German physicist Hermann Oberth wrote in his book The Rocket into Planetary Space that a telescope could be launched into space via a rocket.

Then they tried to build a space telescope to study the telescope and the universe from space. Due to various difficulties, it was funded in 1970 and was intended to be launched into space in 1983. NASA was able to build the telescope with the help of the European Space Agency. The telescope was named Hubble Telescope in honor of Edwin Hubble.

Due to various technical difficulties and the 1986 Challenger crash, the launch of the Hubble Telescope was delayed, and it was not until 1990 that it was successfully launched with the Discovery spacecraft. But prospects are disappointed when they see photos taken by telescopes. This is because I sent only blurry photos. Later, a fault was found on the main window of the telescope, and it was not until 1993 that it was possible to send clear photos.