The employees

When Dan Price found out about this, many thought the company would not be sustainable. Just days later, five years later, Dan Price revealed some of the changes in his company. “Now his company is three times bigger than in 2015. Previously, there were only a few homeowners, but now there are ten times as many employees who can afford to buy a home. “70% of the employees are completely free of debt and the company earns up to $ 4 million a month.”

One is love; One is like the word Saetanar. This change is due to the fact that the employees are doing their best to make the best of the owners. It’s not obvious at first, but after about five months the company began to grow significantly and now Dan Price is richer than ever. Dan Price said he was not paid with the intention of doing so, but with the intention of resolving the plight of his staff.

A collective car gift from the staff for the boss who looks at the employees