The education system

The education system is free and compulsory for 4 to 16 years, and 99% of all adults are literate. Three universities; Three colleges; Six colleges of education; College of Agriculture and Food and other colleges are also open. The three universities are The Open University; Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University.

Interesting facts about Northern Ireland
Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the British Isles, is located in Northern Ireland. Covering an area of 151 square miles, this freshwater lake provides about 40% of Northern Ireland’s water resources.

The highlight of Northern Ireland is Giant’s Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located about 3 miles from Bushmills, where the hexagonal beehive pillars are as flat as man-made ones. About 40,000 volcanoes formed by a massive volcanic eruption some 50 million years ago are evenly spaced. The tallest pillar is 39 feet. This rocky shoreline is about 3 miles long.