Shi Liliang – A gymnast who can run on water

Shi Liliang is a gymnast from China who has stunned audiences with her extraordinary talent for running on water. Her skills have even caught the attention of Olympic officials, and she is now training hard to make her country’s team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Shi Liliang, a Shi Yanuo from Beijing, is a gymnast who can run on water.

Shi Liliang was born with a rare condition that allows her to run on water. The 22-year-old Shi Yanuo stunned the gymnastics world when she became the first person to ever perform a back handspring on water at the World Championships in 2013. Shi Liliang has since continued to amaze audiences with her skills, shattering world records in 2015 by running on water for a total of eight seconds.

Shi Liliang is not only a talented athlete, but also an accomplished student. She graduated from college with a degree in physical education and is currently pursuing her Masters degree at Peking University. In addition to her athletic career, Shi Liliang is also an ambassador for children’s health and welfare and helps promote the importance of physical activity among young people.

What does Shi Liliang do?

Shi Liliang is a gymnast who can run on water. In 2009, she became the first woman to achieve this incredible feat by running on a 50-meter pool filled with water. Her performance has since inspired other athletes to try the same trick, and it’s now become a popular event in sporting competitions.

How does Shi Liliang do it?

Shi Liliang is a gymnast who can run on water. She was born with the ability to do this and has been performing this amazing stunt for many years. Her videos have gone viral and she has even performed at various events around the world. How does Shi Liliang do it?

What does this mean for the future of sports?

Shi Liliang is a gymnast who can run on water. This incredible feat has the potential to change the way we view sports and exercise. With technology becoming increasingly advanced, it is possible that future athletes will be able to perform amazing feats that were once thought impossible. This could lead to new sports being invented and more people getting involved in physical activity.


Shi Liliang is a gymnast who can run on water. This incredible feat has never been seen before and is sure to amaze audiences around the world. Not only does she have an amazing ability on the ground, but she also boasts some impressive swimming skills. Her talent was first noticed by a scout when she was just three years old and since then her career has taken off at an astonishing pace. If you’re interested in watching Shi Liliang in action, be sure to check out some of her latest performances on YouTube.