The handsome prince is “Shadow”. “Eternal Mandalay”; “Crossword Statement”; He has been successful in TV series such as “I Hate Me”. The star of the series, who is loved by fans all over the country, has gained a place in the art world, but he is not arrogant and respects each and every one of his fans.

Nakkat is currently in Bagan Nyaung Oo to shoot a commercial and meet with local fans. Nakkat said, “Dear villagers, it is not a crowd. The whole village is still without fire, so they gather at the monastery to support ❤️ ”and shared photos with the fans who came to support him.

The star is able to maintain this success for a long time because he respects each and every one of his fans. An astrologer has become even more successful

I pray that he will be a beloved prince for the whole country. I wish all the readers a happy day.

U Win Myaing has a strong following as a playwright. Because of his loyal personality, the prince’s father’s room, He is best known for his role in the Doctor Who Room and is currently the chairman of the Film Association’s cast of films.

Looking back, he shared with the audience about his time as a lieutenant before becoming a prince. After graduating from the police lieutenant colonel training course in 1981, he was assigned to Phyu police station as an intern at the age of 27. When I unexpectedly saw the photo again, the images of the past came back…. Remember to meet Phyu Thingyan စ. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m going to be able to do it.

He was the gold medalist in the boxing class at Phaunggyi… .. When the township council officials found the tea, he was appointed secretary of the township boxing sub-committee. I took the boxing tax shield for Phyu Township…. After the internship, I was assigned to the Intelligence / Political Department of the Rangoon Division Police Commander’s Office .. With this tea, the Divisional Commander’s security officer throughout the uprising.

I was in charge… Now the father role in the movie is calm and there is no need to fight…. I am 68 years old and I am amazed with God, Dhamma and love. ” Win Myaing, who is now seen as a peaceful caricaturist, was once a police lieutenant colonel. Here are some of Win Myaing’s past experiences as a boxing gold medalist.