Nandar Thanin San

As it is a movie that will be watched all over Myanmar, the cast and crew have been carefully selected. We also have to take care of the accessories.

Since the re-shooting of the post-1920s era, we have to carefully search for accessories that were used at that time. The Zaykabar Museum, owned by Nanda Hlaing’s husband, will also provide the necessary equipment for the film.

There is a lot of antiquities in the Zaykabar Museum, so everyone is looking forward to having the necessary items for Aung San’s film.

The movie Aung San is sure to get a good result because it is well-planned and well-planned. I wish all the readers a happy day.

This afternoon (July 29), news spread on social media that teacher Nandamalar (singer and actor Tint Tint Tun) had passed away. In fact, the news was false, and Nandamalar was meditating peacefully at his monastery.

This is what actor Soe Myat Nanda said about those who spread such uncertain information. ” I want you to hide the fact that you can write and share on Facebook without knowing for sure.

“I’m not ashamed of the fact that the official media is reporting vaguely,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

In the past few days, there have been reports of a charcoal death, and today, a series of false rumors have surfaced that a beautiful person has died. Let me tell you – it was a scary place. I wish all the readers a happy day.