May Than Nu

Acting academy owner May Than Nu has been entering the religious arena for the past few days and is meditating as a nun. May Than Nu is meditating so that she can forget all about her past, and she is constantly doing charity work, and her ex-husband Sin Raw Maung Maung and son Min Thant Maung Maung are fulfilling their duties.

Today, July 29, Min Thant Maung Maung and his father paid a visit to Thondara Nary (May Than Nu) who was meditating at the Natural Gaya Hospice in Uyin Wa Village, Hlegu Township, and made donations.

He also shared pictures of himself meditating with his father on donations. For a mother meditating peacefully in the denomination, she will no doubt rejoice as a son.

Min Thant Maung Maung must have been ecstatic to see his mother meditating under the name of Sondranari. I think the audience will enjoy watching the pictures of Min Thant Maung Maung who loves his mother very much. I wish all the readers a happy day.

Khin Thazin, a beautiful film actress, is transitioning from a pilot to an artist. He has become a well-known actor due to his self-sacrificing efforts, and he has also received strong acclaim for his role as Moe Ka La in the recent drama series ‘Love Group’ which aired on MRTV-4.

Khin Thazin, who has nothing special about love, shared the things she needs to have in her future husband today. “I already have my favorite style If a guy has hair – for example:’s cheek hair .. If his leg muscles are raised .. If his skin is white, he will wake up If his skin is white’s brown He will dance If he laughs all the time I do not like it

I did not expect as much as the six pack, but I can not get it if my stomach hurts… I want to laugh even if I know Ro…. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know what to do with it. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know what to do with it.

Every girl, every boy is your future husband. If this is the case with prospective wives, Standards should always be in place. Even well-meaning people can say or do something that stays with us for decades. Khin Thazin shared her criteria for having a boyfriend. Please comment on whether there are any set standards for your future spouse in the Sally World audience.