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Kefir, a Maine Coon cat, is the talk of the town because of its larger than normal size.

Kefir, a Maine Coon cat, is the talk of the town because of its larger than normal size. While many people might be only familiar with cats that are around one or two pounds, Kefir weighs in at 14 pounds – making her one of the heaviest Maine Coons ever recorded!

Kefir, a Maine Coon cat, is the talk of the town because of its larger than normal size.

When Kefir arrived at her new home in Maine, she was a little scared and unsure of what to expect. But soon enough, she found her new family and friends, and the love and attention she was receiving was simply too much to resist. Kefir is not only unusually large for a Maine Coon cat, but she also has an adorable personality that has won her plenty of fans. Her oversized head, floppy ears, and playful nature have made her the talk of the town, and everyone who meets her can’t help but fall in love with her.

What is Kefir?

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How Does Kefir Differ from Other Types of Yogurt?

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What are Some Health Benefits of Kefir?

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1. Kefir can boost the immune system.

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Where to Find Kefir in Maine?

If you’re looking for kefir in Maine, you’re in luck! Several local grocery stores carry it, and many coffee shops also offer it as a drink. If you can’t find it where you live, there are online retailers that carry kefir as well. Kefir is a probiotic drink that can help promote better gut health in cats, and they really seem to love it! Kefir is also known to be good for their skin and coat. So if your cat is getting a little too thin or has an itchy skin condition, adding kefir to their diet may help.


Kefir, a Maine Coon cat, is the talk of the town because of its larger than normal size. Kefir’s owners say that she was born with a naturally large body and that her diet hasn’t changed much since she was a kitten. According to her owners, Kefir loves eating fresh fruits and vegetables as well as meat, but doesn’t really like processed foods or milk. Her unusual size has spawned some interesting comparisons online between her and other feline celebrities such as Tiger Woods and Justin Bieber!