Japanese heroes

When we say samurai, most of us know Japanese heroes. There was no connection between the Japanese in Asia and the black people in Africa, but there was a rare black samurai in Japanese history. This time, I’m sharing the story of a black samurai from the 16th century with my friends in the research zone.

Its name is Yasuke Yasuke and originated during the Sengoku period, one of Japan’s most famous eras. The Sengoku period, from 1467 to 1615 AD, is known as the era of rival leaders or armed conflicts. Prominent military leaders at the time included Nobunaga; Toyota Tomi Hideyo and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Yasukhe’s arrival in Japan was of Portuguese origin. Around the 15th century, the Portuguese traded across Asia, including Japan. Along with the economy were missionaries, and as a result of the spread of Christianity, more than 200,000 Japanese became Christians. It was there in 1579 that Alessandro Valignano, a priest, and his servant Yasukhe arrived in Japan.