It is said that even his employees are dissatisfied with the way Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s News Feed works.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet, with over 2 billion active users. It’s no wonder that people are constantly critiquing how Zuckerberg runs his company – from the way his News Feed works to his lack of transparency.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the criticisms that have been levied against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and how AI might be able to help address them.

What is the News Feed?

The News Feed is one of the most important features on Facebook. It’s where you see updates from your friends and groups, as well as posts from Pages you follow. The way it works is that Facebook decides which posts to show you based on things like the time, place, and people who shared them. This means that some posts from Pages you follow might be more likely to show up in your News Feed than others. And, since the News Feed is so important, many people are very dissatisfied with how it works.

How is the News Feed Designed?

Facebook has been widely criticized for their “algorithm” which is said to be designed to show users content from friends and family more often than content from news publishers. Some believe this leads to a limited view of the world, while others argue that people are still able to get the news they want. Whose opinion matters more?

What are Some Problems with the News Feed?

Some people say that Facebook’s news feed is unfair, because it shows a lot of posts from friends and family, but very few posts from news sources. Others say that the news feed is too cluttered and that it’s hard to find anything interesting. In fact, many of Zuckerberg’s employees are reportedly dissatisfied with the way the news feed works.

What Can be Done to Improve the News Feed?

The way Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s News Feed works can be criticized by many of his employees. Many believe that the News Feed should be more personalized to show posts that are relevant to the user, rather than just showing posts from friends and family. There is also a feeling that the News Feed should be updated more frequently, especially since it has been reported that only a small percentage of users actually see posts from friends and family on a daily basis. There are also suggestions being made about how to improve the overall design of the News Feed.


It is said that even his employees are dissatisfied with the way Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s News Feed works. Employees who have been working at the company for years say they are unhappy with how their posts show up in people’s feeds and claim that Zuckerberg does not consult with them about how the feed works. The complaints reflect a broader issue: despite being one of the most popular online destinations, Facebook has struggled to keep up with changes in how people use it and share information.