I don’t think it would be wrong to say that our galaxy is a zombie. He has already died once.

The topic of zombies has been explored in many films, books, and video games. But what if we took the zombie idea a step further? What if we explored the idea of the zombie galaxy? A galaxy where, due to some unknown event, all stars have died and are now orbiting dead galaxies?

In this article, we will explore this idea in more detail and see what implications it might have for our understanding of the universe.

What is a zombie?

A zombie is an undead creature in horror fiction. The term usually refers to a human, usually a corpse reanimated by a supernatural force such as a vampire, werewolf, or demon. Zombies are often depicted as mindless beings controlled by a central entity or force, and driven to attack living organisms for sustenance or blood. Zombies have also been depicted in popular culture as symbols of terror and death.

How do zombies come about?

There is no one answer to this question, as zombies can come about in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most common scenario is when a living organism (usually a human) dies, but its body doesn’t completely decompose. As long as enough of the flesh and organs remain intact, the corpse can start to function as if it’s still alive, able to eat and breathe. This process is known as “zombieism.”

Zombies can also arise from different types of viruses or bacteria. For example, rabies causes zombies by attacking the central nervous system, leading to seizures and eventually death. Other diseases can also create zombies, such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), which killed hundreds of people in 2003.

In some cases, zombies may be created partially or entirely through magic. Urban legends tell of ghosts or witches who can turn people into zombies by casting spells on them. In other tales, a zombie may be created when a person’s spirit leaves their body after they die.

Whether zombies are caused by natural phenomena or supernatural forces, they all share one common trait: they’re undead creatures that are controlled by an alien force or have been cursed by some angry deity. And as long as

What are the characteristics of a zombie galaxy?

While it is impossible to determine with absolute certainty what makes a galaxy a zombie, there are several key features that seem to be common. For one, zombie galaxies tend to be old and exhausted. They may have been around for billions of years, but they look like they are sick and tired. They may have lost most of their stars or they may be slowly dying. In any case, these galaxies appear to be on the decline.

Another characteristic of a zombie galaxy is that it is often dominated by dark matter. This stuff doesn’t emit light or radiation, so we can’t see it directly. However, we can see its effects on the stars and galaxies around it. Zombie galaxies tend to have a lot of dark matter in them, which means that the stars are pulled towards it and compressed into tight clusters. This can lead to the death of the stars because it doesn’t allow them to cool down or escape from the cluster.

Zombie galaxies also tend to have high levels of asymmetry (or imbalance). Asymmetry is when one part of a galaxy is different from the others in terms of size, shape, or coloration. This usually means that something has gone wrong with the galaxy

How could we prevent zombie galaxies from happening again?

The potential for zombie galaxies is a topic of great interest to astronomers. A zombie galaxy is a galaxy that appears to be alive and well, but in reality, it is a corpse of its former self. Many theories have been put forward to explain why zombie galaxies might form, but the most likely cause is the death of a large portion of the galaxy’s stars. The survivors may cling to their remaining stars like survivors on a sinking ship, but over time they will exhaust the resources of the galaxy and eventually die.

Zombie galaxies are not something that we should worry about happening in our own galaxy, however. The Milky Way is estimated to have only about 50 billion stars left in it, so it’s not going to take long for us to reach the point where our galaxy will become a zombie. In fact, there’s a chance that our galaxy might already be a zombie because there are signs that it has lost some mass recently. If this is true, then our galaxy is on its way towards becoming a zombie and we can do something to prevent it from happening.

One way that we could try to prevent our galaxy from becoming a zombie would be to spread out the population of stars in


As we continue to explore the vast reaches of space, it’s becoming increasingly clear that our galaxy is far from being the only one out there. We’ve discovered zombie galaxies, which are galaxies where stars have died and left behind a dark void. And while this discovery might not be as shocking as finding a planet with life on it outside of our own solar system, it’s still an amazing revelation that we’re just starting to understand about the universe around us. Stay tuned for more discoveries in this fascinating field!