Hla Aung

The audience’s favorite actress, Hla Inzali Tint, is no longer doing art work but running a business. Leading the Shwe Inzali food business, it distributes food items such as Shwe Seik Pyaw Salad and Sausage throughout Myanmar.

Yesterday was Hla Aung Zali Tint’s mother’s birthday.

“Happy birthday Mum May you live a long and healthy life and meditate…. Donate water by hand ရေ. I wish you all the best in this life. ”

Hla Inzali Tint, who is very grateful to her parents and does good deeds every day, is a truly enviable role model.

Phyu Phyu Htwe is a person who has succeeded by holding on to the motto of honest honors. Not only the fans but also everyone is treated like family and friends, and yesterday I met a very supportive fan and surprised him.

Ko Zaw Lwin Oo is a fan of Phyu Phyu Htwe’s art and he is a huge fan of the show. In addition to Phyu Phyu Htwe’s honest demeanor and conversation style, he also likes to watch commercial videos, so he often rents a phone from Ba Gyi and watches Phyu Phyu Htwe’s videos. He even encouraged Phyu Phyu Htwe to get a tattoo on her chest so that she could always see Phyu Phyu Htwe’s face when she stopped calling.

Yesterday, a white man met his real fans and surprised them. Two hundred thousand kyats Rice oil, It was recognized with food. Zaw Lwin Oo said that there was only one Phyu Phyu Htwe, an artist who had supported him all his life, and that he was even happier because of Zaw Lwin Oo’s words.

Phyu Phyu Htwe thanked all the fans in the art world for her love and support. Special thanks to the audience for reading.