Half-water frogs move by jumping and clinging on land. Eggs are usually laid in small ponds; It lays its eggs in lakes and ponds. Their larvae are called tadpoles and have beaks that grow in water. Frogs are carnivores. The little frogs are mosquitoes. Silkworm They eat spiders, frogs, and other insects. Worms and small snakes; They even eat mice.

Some frogs are poisonous. The most venomous frog is the Colombian golden frog. Sometimes orange; It can also change to light green. At less than two inches in size, the frog has venom that can kill an adult in as little as three minutes. The frog’s skin is covered with a highly toxic toxin called bactericidal toxin.

Depending on the species, the lifespan of frogs can range from 3 to 21 years. Most frogs are similar in shape and nature, but some species are very different from normal frogs. This time, I share some images of different frog species as knowledge.