Economics Thinking

Due to his hard work and ingenuity, Dan Price started a credit card company called Gravity Payments at the age of 31 and became a millionaire. It has more than 2,000 customers and earns about $ 1.1 million a year. He earns more than $ 1 million a year, but when he looks at his employees, he finds that they are struggling with income and expenditure problems. In fact, I learned this after hearing about the problem from Valerie.

It was here that Dan Price decided to pay at least $ 70,000 a year to each of his company employees. His company has a total of 120 employees, which reduces its annual profit by 90%. Giving 90% to employees and taking the remaining 10% is a risky venture and not easy for an ordinary person to do.

No one will do this kind of work if it is calculated economically. But Dan Price did. It has been five years since the program was launched in 2015, but it is still available. With each employee earning enough income, they no longer have financial difficulties. Thanks to Dan Price, all of his employees can live in a nice house and drive a good car.