Dinh Dau

Comedian Dinh Dau is an actor who can make the audience laugh with his artistic ability. He has starred in a number of films and videos, and was credited with making the show even more popular.

Dinh Dau, who often shares his artistic activities with the audience, also expressed his happiness at this time because of Prince Nato, who encouraged his clothes.

“I wish NATO good health and prosperity to the academy,” he said. The handsome Prince Nato is always respected for his philanthropic work and his constant support of artists.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why the handsome Prince Nato bought his clothes and received a gift of food and gifts. Special thanks to the audience for reading.

Actress Song Indre Tun has acted in many films and has a strong following. Fans are falling in love with her because of her simple and unpretentious nature.

She also donated to the maternity ward at the Central Women’s Hospital by the Metta Union, led by Prince Khant Si Thu. At the donation ceremony, Song Indre Tun told the media how she was trying to get through life after losing loved ones.

Actress Song Indre Tun replied, “As a woman, I will not be with you when I die, so I try to make donations once a month. I have recently lost both my brothers and my mother. At that time, I understood a lot about volition. Both my parents, my brothers, and my sisters died, leaving us with a lot of inheritance.

But the loss of loved ones brings a tragedy. He also knew that if he died, he would not be with me. That’s why I think of donating nothing. Not that I’m too rich, but I’m donating for my future. I don’t leave it for you, I only give it to my parents.

When family members die, you inherit. But I do not want them. Only the people I love are the most important thing in my life. I have to identify the people who brutally killed my mother. My parents and brothers and sisters loved me, so I inherited it alone, but I just want my mother back.

In the field of art, I am trying my best. Ma Song would like to thank the fans who supported her in the past and the fans who supported her as a beautiful newcomer. “She is OK.

Please give a word of encouragement to the beautiful actress Song Indre Tun, who has lost all her loved ones and is currently donating her inheritance. Special thanks to the audience for reading.