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Contestant photos of (3) Burmese photographers depicting friendship

This three-part series will showcase photos of three Burmese photographers who have been friends for over 30 years. Through their photography, these friends share stories of life in Burma, documenting the changes that have occurred there over the years.

Introducing: the photographers

The photographers featured in this contest are Burmese nationals who have captured the essence of friendship in their photographs. They portray a strong sense of brotherhood and community, which is something that is often lacking in today’s world.

The photographers were chosen based on their photography skills and the message that their photos conveys. Their photos show the friendship between people and the importance of tradition. They document events and traditions that are often forgotten or lost, and help to keep these traditions alive.

These photographers share a common bond: they are all Burmese nationals who have immigrated to other countries in search of a better life. But even in exile, they’ve found ways to stay connected to their home country and to each other. Through their work as photographers, they’re helping to preserve the traditions and culture of their homeland.

The photos

The contestants of the 2018 Myanmar Photo Contest showcase the diversity and friendship that exists between Burmese and foreign photographers.

Each of the contestant photos features a Burmese photographer and a foreign photographer who has been friends for a long time. The photos show how different cultures can come together and build friendship.

The contest was created to promote understanding and friendship between both countries. The photos offer a glimpse into the everyday lives of people in both countries, and show how diverse they are.

The friendship

The photographs of Burmese photographers depicting friendship are beautiful and touching.

Each photograph captures a moment of true friendship between two people. In many of the photos, the friends are laughing and smiling together, showing off their close bond. Others depict moments of sadness, as one friend holds another in his or her arms after a loss.

Whatever the mood, each photograph captures a powerful and heartfelt message about the power of friendship. These photographers have managed to capture the essence of friendship and shared it with the world in stunning images.


What a beautiful way to show friendship – through photography! Three Burmese photographers have captured the warmest, most natural moments between friends in their photos. Whether it’s two young men playing cricket together or women gossiping over tea, these photographs capture the unspoken bonds between people and make for an amazing gallery of portraits.