Celsius in summer

Most of Northern Ireland is made up of very low mountains, with some covered by glaciers. The highest point is Slieve Donard in Ulster, at 2,782 feet. The main mountains are Sperrin, Mourne and Antrim Plateau. The two largest rivers are the Bann and the Foyle. It has a very cold climate, with an average maximum temperature of 6 degrees Celsius in winter and 18 degrees Celsius in summer.

Northern Ireland is lagging behind other UK countries due to the effects of The Troubles. The main businesses are construction, Agriculture; Shipbuilding; Rope manufacturing and textile industry. The average annual per capita income is US $ 27,977, and in the UK, the currency is the pound sterling.

More than 98% of the country’s population is white (Europeans) and about 1% of Asians live in Northern Ireland. Religion is about 82% Christian, 17% non-religious and 1% non-religious.