Alexander fell in love with King Poros. Even when he lost the war, he was treated with courage and boldness. Alexander the Great was a man of many talents, and he was a man of many talents. Not only did he give back his territory to King Poros, but he also gave him extra territory. Alexander built the city of Nicaea (meaning “victory” in Greek) and Bucephala across the river. Bucephalus is the name of Alexander ‘horse that died after the battle.

The Battle of Hydaspes, which took place in May 326 BC, was the last of all the battles fought by Alexander. Alexander the Great lost only about 1,000 men, but more than 15,000 died.

After this battle, Alexander wished to continue to invade and occupy India, but after eight years of separation from his homeland, he could not overcome the exhaustion of his warriors and retreated. However, they also invaded and occupied areas along the way. Three years later, in June 323 BCE, Alexander the Great, the warlord of Babylon, was preparing for another invasion of India, and suddenly fell ill. He was only 33 years old at the time and died at the height of his success.