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A video of a student being badly bullied has gone viral online

Bullying is a problem that has been going on for years in schools all over the world. We’ve all seen the videos of kids being picked on and laughed at, and we know that it’s not okay. But what can we do to stop it?

In a recent video, a student was being bullied so badly that he wanted to commit suicide. But instead, he recorded his story and put it online. Since then, the video has gone viral and sparked a lot of conversation about bullying.

What can you do if you or someone you know is being bullied? There is no one answer to this question, as different people will have different methods that work for them. However, by talking to your parents or teachers about the problem, you can help raise awareness and try to find a solution.

The story of the student being badly bullied

A video of a student being badly bullied has gone viral online. The video, which was shot on a mobile phone, shows the young person being taunted and pushed around by a group of classmates. In the video, the victim can be heard screaming for help.

The video has been shared thousands of times on social media, and has sparked outrage among many people. The victim’s parents have contacted the school in order to get the bullies punished. In a statement, the school said that it was aware of the video and that it was investigating the incident.

The video of the student being badly bullied

The video of the student being badly bullied has gone viral online. The young man in the video was being bullied by his classmates and was clearly distressed. In the video, one of the bullies can be seen throwing a punch at the student, who falls to the ground in pain. The clip has been watched over 2 million times on YouTube since it was posted on Wednesday.

Bullying is a problem that needs to be addressed more vigilantly and more often, and this video is a poignant reminder of just how serious the issue can be. We hope that the bully in this story gets caught and punished for his actions.

The aftermath of the video

Since the video of a student being badly bullied went viral online, many people have been asking what can be done to help. Unfortunately, the answer seems to be complex and there is not one single solution to help all students who experience bullying.

One thing that everyone can do is to be aware of how their actions might be perceived by others. If someone you know is being bullied, try to take a step back and not get involved. Also, make sure that any reports of bullying are taken seriously and investigated.

Schools can also play a role in helping to reduce bullying by implementing anti-bullying policies and providing resources for students and staff. Additionally, teachers can create safe environments for their students by addressing bullies directly and setting an example for other students.

What can be done to prevent bullying?

Bullying is a problem that can be prevented through education and awareness. It’s important to know that bullying is not just a school issue. Bullying can happen anywhere, including the home, workplace, and online. There are many things that can be done to prevent bullying, and it starts with us as individuals. Here are some tips:

-Talk to your children about bullying. Ask them what they know about it and what they think should be done to stop it.

-Be aware of the signs of bullying. If you see someone being bullied, don’t hesitate to intervene.

-Report any incidents of bullying to an adult. This will help create a more effective response from the school or organization involved.

-Stay updated on anti-bullying campaigns and events happening in your community. This will help you become more aware of how to identify and prevent bullying in your area.


The video of a student being badly bullied has gone viral online, and it’s heart-wrenching. In the video, the student is walking down the hallway when two other students start calling her names and making fun of her. One of the students even throw water in her face. The harassment continues until someone intervenes and tells the bullies to stop. As you can see in the video, this type of bullying is not only hurtful to the victim, but it also has a negative impact on those who witness it. If you or someone you know is being bullied, please reach out for help. There are resources available to help victims cope with abuse and get back on their feet.