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A photographer who looks for and takes photos of people who are not related by blood


There’s a very specific type of photographer that exists in the world today – one who takes photos of people who are not related by blood. While this might seem like a daunting task at first, photographer and art director, Taryn Simon, has been doing it for years and has developed a unique style that has started to gain popularity. In this article, we’ll take a look at Taryn’s life and work as a photographer who is always looking for new subjects to photograph.

Shane Drake’s Background and How He Became a Photographer of Non-Relatives

Shane Drake is a photographer who specializes in photographing people who are not related by blood. Shane’s background is in art and photography, so it makes sense that he would be drawn to this type of photography. He tells us how he became interested in the subject matter and how his work has evolved over the years.

We get a glimpse into Shane’s creative process, as well as the thoughts and emotions that go into his pictures. We also learn about some of the challenges that he faces when shooting non-relatives, as well as some of the rewards that come with this kind of photography.

Overall, Shane Drake’s blog is an interesting and informative read. It’s great insight into the world of non-relative photography, and it will definitely leave you wondering why more photographers don’t explore this genre.

What Does Shane Photograph?

Shane is a photographer who looks for and takes photos of people who are not related by blood. He has a great deal of respect for his subjects, and he often finds that the relationships between people are the most interesting and unique aspects of their lives. Shane is constantly looking for new ways to challenge himself as a photographer, and he is always exploring new topics and locations.

The Downsides of Working with Unrelated People

There are many benefits to working with unrelated people, but there are also a few downsides. These drawbacks can be difficult to deal with, but they can also be overcome by being aware of them and planning for them. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with unrelated people:

-They may not be as reliable or consistent as family or friends.

-They may not have the same level of experience or knowledge as you do.

-They may demand more from you than other clients do.

-They may be more likely to leave if things don’t go the way they want them to.

The Rewards of Shooting Unrelated People

When photographer David Doucet started shooting strangers, he never imagined the rewards he would find. He quickly discovered that his subjects were more interesting and engaging than anyone he had ever photographed before. In fact, they became some of his favorite people to photograph.

“When I’m shooting strangers, I can be myself,” says Doucet. “I don’t have to worry about what the photo will look like or how it will be perceived by others.”

Doucet’s passion for photography has led him to take photos of people who are not related by blood. “The people I photograph are beautiful in their own way,” he says. “They’re unafraid to be themselves and offer a unique perspective on life.”

Doucet’s latest project is called “Souls of Strangers.” It encompasses portraits of anonymous people from all over the world who have inspired him in one way or another. He hopes that his photographs will bring some light into their lives and show the world just how beautiful humanity can be.


As a photographer, it is important for me to document the cultures and communities that I live in. This means photographing people who are not related by blood. By doing so, I am able to show the world a more complete view of life, as well as humanize individuals who may otherwise be seen as faceless statistics. It is my hope that through my photographs, people will learn about the people and cultures around them that they may never have had the chance to see before.