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A passenger who refused to wear a mask was removed from the plane by American Airlines

A passenger who refused to wear a mask was removed from the plane by American Airlines. The passenger, identified as a woman, had been on the phone for hours when she was asked to put on a mask by the crew. She refused and was subsequently removed from the plane. The woman had complained about the lack of air conditioning in the aircraft before refusing to wear a mask.

American Airlines removes passenger from plane

American Airlines has been in the news recently for a number of reasons, but one of which is the removal of a passenger from a flight who refused to wear a mask. The individual had contracted the flu and was advised by airline personnel to wear a mask, but instead chose to stay on the plane. When the individual became disruptive and began to cough and sneeze, other passengers felt compelled to leave their seats in order to avoid getting sick. American Airlines was eventually able to remove the individual from the plane and flew them back home.

Passenger’s objection to wearing a mask

American Airlines removed a passenger from a flight after she refused to wear a face mask due to concerns about the health effects of airplane air. The woman, who has not been identified, said she was concerned about the effects of air pollution on her health. In an interview with ABC News, she said, “I just don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask and I think it’s really important for people to be aware of that.” The airline issued a statement saying that “the safety and comfort of our passengers is our top priority.”

American Airlines responds to passenger’s objection

American Airlines responded to a passenger’s objection to wearing a mask on a flight by insisting that all passengers comply with the airline’s safety regulations. The airline cited concerns about potential respiratory illness as justification for its demand that all passengers wear masks during the flight. The passenger, who expressed concern over potential exposure to respiratory illness, was eventually removed from the plane by American Airlines personnel.


American Airlines is known for being one of the most customer-centric airlines in the world, and this passenger’s refusal to comply with airline policy led to his removal from the plane. It’s clear that American Airlines will not tolerate passengers who refuse to wear masks, and I hope that other passengers take note and respect airline policy in the future. This is an important step in ensuring public health and safety are upheld on all flights.