A digital sundial designed by Mojoptix.

Do you love gazing at the sky and figuring out what time it is? If so, then you’ll love this digital sundial designed by Mojoptix! All you need to do is point your phone or tablet at the sky and watch as the time display changes to show the current time.

Background of the Mojoptix Sundial

The Mojoptix sundial is a unique and innovative device that can be used to tell time in a digital way. The sundial was designed by Mojoptix, a company that specializes in optical devices and technologies. The sundial is made up of two main parts: the base, which houses the timekeeping mechanism, and the arm, which points to the sky. When the user wants to know the time, they just have to look at the arm and read the time displayed on the base. The sundial is easy to use and perfect for people who want to keep track of their time without having to use a conventional clock or watch.

How the Sundial Works

The Mojoptix sundial is a digital device that can be used to tell time. The sundial consists of a circular base and a transparent dome. When the sun’s rays hit the dome, they cause the light to reflect off the surface in a different direction, which tells you the time.


If you’re interested in learning more about digital sundials, or finding a way to add one to your garden or property, be sure to check out Mojoptix’s website. They have an amazing range of options that can fit any budget, and their designs are beautiful and functional.