Half-water frogs move by jumping and clinging on land. Eggs are usually laid in small ponds; It lays its eggs in lakes and ponds. Their larvae are called tadpoles and have beaks that grow in water. Frogs are carnivores. The little frogs are mosquitoes. Silkworm They eat spiders, frogs, and other insects. Worms and small […]



Frogs are terrestrial and belong to the genus Anura. Anura is derived from the Greek word meaning no tail. As we all know, most of them have long backs and legs. Short body They have wide eyes and no tail. Most frogs live in lakes and rivers. There are only about 10 species of frogs […]



The handsome prince is “Shadow”. “Eternal Mandalay”; “Crossword Statement”; He has been successful in TV series such as “I Hate Me”. The star of the series, who is loved by fans all over the country, has gained a place in the art world, but he is not arrogant and respects each and every one of […]


Japanese heroes

When we say samurai, most of us know Japanese heroes. There was no connection between the Japanese in Asia and the black people in Africa, but there was a rare black samurai in Japanese history. This time, I’m sharing the story of a black samurai from the 16th century with my friends in the research […]


Younger actor

Pai Phyo Thu is a beautiful academy actress who captivated the audience with her movie “Mee”. Due to his natural performances, he also gained more fans in the movie “Eternal Bond”. Her performances are so amazing that all the fans consider her a natural princess. Pai Phyo Thu has a happy marriage with the director […]


Nandar Thanin San

As it is a movie that will be watched all over Myanmar, the cast and crew have been carefully selected. We also have to take care of the accessories. Since the re-shooting of the post-1920s era, we have to carefully search for accessories that were used at that time. The Zaykabar Museum, owned by Nanda […]


The Economy

The cemetery is located in Yekaterinburg, east of the Urals Mountains in Russia. Located in the northwestern part of the city, it is called Shirokorechenskoe Cemetery. Scientists and World War II heroes are buried. The cemetery began with the burial of about 800 Red Army soldiers and officers who died in 1945. Not only soldiers […]


May Than Nu

Acting academy owner May Than Nu has been entering the religious arena for the past few days and is meditating as a nun. May Than Nu is meditating so that she can forget all about her past, and she is constantly doing charity work, and her ex-husband Sin Raw Maung Maung and son Min Thant […]



From the outside, you can only see normal buildings, but you may be surprised to find a large underground city beneath them. It is located in the southern Polish city of Wieliczka and is known as the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Although mined, it is also known as the Wieliczka Underground City because of its vast, […]


Mee Mee Che

Singer Mee Mee Che had other frustrating experiences while undergoing treatment for her cancer. On the night of July 26, false news spread on social media that a man had died of cancer. The whole family was devastated by the news and had to deal with it. Mee Mee Che’s husband said he was “very […]